Request a Sample - Variety Kit 2

What you'll get in this sample kit:

TRIM SEAL (6M062B3X1/64C) - 6M bulb in C location. 062 trim series. Black with pebble texture. 1/64" edge gap.

EDGE TRIM (100B3X1/8) - This flexible, PVC plastic trim has individual internal metal clips and gripping tongues to provide a stronger grip.

DRIP RAIL (DRB) - This flexible, plastic peel n' stick drip edge rain gutter eliminates time-consuming installation of aluminum rain gutters.

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With over 50 years of consistent growth Trim-Lok has proven to its customers that premier customer service and quality is the priority. Trim-Lok has provided support to their customers by shipping on time for both off-the-shelf and custom extruded parts.

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We will operate in compliance with all relevant federal, state and local environmental legislation. We will strive to use pollution prevention and environmental best practices in all we do.

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More Edge Trim and Trim Seal Sample Options

"Fit exactly where I needed it to. It locks securely and will not come off without effort but if needed it will come off easily. Went around some tight 90 degree corners smoothly and cleanly. Great stuff."

-Jackie Noffigan

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LOCKING GASKET (LK1663) - This rubber extrusion is designed to lock in the installation of stationary windows or windshields. Locking gaskets provide a secure seal between a metal or fiberglass body panel and a glass or plexiglass window. 

135 SERIES RUBBER SEAL (X135BT) - D-shaped EPDM Sponge Rubber Seal.

EDGE TRIM WITH CARBON FIBER TEXTURE (100B8X1/8) – Carbon fiber texture offers a clean, sleek look that is preferred by the automotive industry and a wide variety of markets. Use it for covering metal edges, adding decorative trim and more.

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